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NanoShot AL

Product Definition

Alkaline Wet-Mix Sprayed Concrete Admixture
Set Accelerator Chemical Admixture for Wet-Mix Sprayed Concretes

NanoShot AL is a set accelerator type of chemical admixture particularly designed for use in wet-mix sprayed concrete (shotcrete) applications.


  • Wet-mix sprayed concrete applications.
  • Concrete jacketing, lining and overhead works in tunnel constructions.
  • Concreting operations for rock, soil and slope stabilization.
  • Sprayed concrete shells.

Advantages and Properties

  • Significantly shortens the setting time and increases the strength gain rate of concrete through its special design. It is an appropriate chemical admixture for sprayed concrete applications.
  • NanoShot AL enhances the productivity and shortens the construction time of sprayed concrete applications by increasing the cohesion of the mix, shortening the setting time andincreasing early strength of sprayed concrete.
  • Reduces the loss of material by rebound.
  • Compatible with the other types of chemical admixtures (i.e. air entraining admixtures).
  • Improves the bond between rock surface and sprayed concrete layer as well as old and new sprayed concrete layers.
  • Does not contain chloride or any other substances that may cause corrosion.