Plaster Admixtures

1 September 2019

NanoPlaster R

NanoPlaster R Nanoplaster® R Set Retarding Chemical Admixture for Concrete Product Definition Nanoplaster R is a set retarding chemical admixture specially designed for concreting operationswhich retarding […]
1 September 2019

NanoPlaster 108

NanoPlaster® 108 NanoPlaster® 108 Air Entraining / Plasticizing Chemical Admixture for Mortar and Plaster Product Definition Nanoplaster 108 is an air entraining / plasticizing chemical admixture […]
1 September 2019


NanoBinder Nanobinder® Waterproofing and Bonding Emulsion for Mortar Product Definition Nanobinder is a synthetic rubber emulsion based admixture designed for mortars where improved adhesion and water […]