Concrete Admixtures

18 August 2019

Water Reducing / Plasticizing Admixtures

Nanoplast Nanoplast®  Water Reducing / Superplasticizing / Set Retarding Chemical Admixture for Concrete Nanoplast is a modified polymer based, set retarding chemical admixture presenting normal and […]
29 August 2019

High-range Water Reducing / Superplasticizing Admixtures

NANOMENT SP High-Range Water Reducing / Superplasticizing / Hardening Accelerating Chemical Admixture for Concrete Nanoment SP ( Superplasticizing Admixtures ) is a naphthalene sulfonate based high […]
29 August 2019

New Generation Superplasticizing Admixtures

Nanoment® HP Nanoment® HP High-Range Water Reducing / Superplasticizing Chemical Admixture for Concrete Product Definition Superplasticizing Chemical Admixture – Nanoment HP is a polycarboxylate based, high-range […]
29 August 2019

Set Retarding Admixtures

NanoRetarder® Set Retardering Chemical Admixture for Concrete NanoRetarder is a set retarding chemical admixture specially designed for use in situations where setting time of fresh concrete […]
29 August 2019


NanoSet ® Super plasticizing Anti-freeze and Set accelerating admixture for concrete and mortar NanoSet is a calcium nitrate salt based with organic materials set accelerating/Anti-Freeze / […]
29 August 2019

Air Entraining Admixtures

NanoAer® Air Entraining Chemical Admixture for Concrete NanoAer is a chemical admixture entraining uniformly distributed microscopic air bubbles. Use NanoAer ( Air Entraining Admixtures ) is […]