LYKSOR Chemicals Company is established in 2016 at Kemalpaşa / İZMİR in the wake of 20 years of experience and accumulation of the owner’s with 100% equity by adding a workforce formed by the sector’s leading personnel in their respective fields.
With the power of producing its own raw materials, LYKSOR has managed to double its turnover every year since its establishment, while the construction sector shrank in Turkey. LYKSOR offers innovative tailor-made products with self-developed raw materials to manufacturers of cement and concrete as well as manufacturers of chemical admixture in Turkey and foreign market.

As we feel the responsibility of the faith & trust that our growing network put in and thanks to energy brought by collaboration with the companies deciding on LYKSOR Products day by day, we are proud and pleased to improve and to move forward the service we provide for you.


What do we
produce for you?

All Products

What do we
produce for you?

All Products

LYKSOR's areas of expertise

Innovation & Trust

Cement Chemicals

Quality enhancer used in cement production, Grinding facilitator, Mineral Grinding Chemical additives are also in the product range.

Raw Material Production

Lyksor's success originates from, produced chemical raw materials such as amine sulfonate compounds, vinyl copolymer and new generation polycarboxylate ether used in the production of construction chemicals.

Innovative Products

Lyksor is the first domestic and national manufacturer of macro-synthetic fiber as well as the production of traditional construction materials such as curing material, mold oil etc.

Concrete Chemical Admixtures

LYKSOR produces tailor made admixtures: Water reducer, Plasticizer, Set retarder, Hydration accelerator, Corrosion inhibitors, Air entraining admixtures, Water impermeability admixtures, Pumping aid admixtures, Antifreeze, Shotcrete admixtures and Viscosity increasing chemical admixtures.


PM40 is a mixture of organic and inorganic compounds, especially designed for high rate water reducing admixtures.

Thanks to its organic and inorganic compounds, PM 40 is highly compatible with polycarboxylate based admixtures, besides high dosages allows more economical admixture cost.


LYKSOR produces tailor made admixtures

All raw materials