Who We Are

LYKSOR Chemicals Corporation was founded in the wake of the 20-year field experience and knowledge of its founders in construction chemicals to supply chemical admixtures for cement and concrete sector in November 2016 at Izmir – Kemalpasa / TURKEY. LYKSOR Chemicals Company does not operate only in Turkey, It is also active in Georgia, Ukraine, Kosovo, Kazakhstan, Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Morocco and some West African countries.

The manufacturing plant with 3.600 m2 closed production area is located in Izmir-Kemalpaşa which is the third largest city in Turkey with airport facilities and international harbor that provides effective distribution of Lyksor products to branches and distributors throughout the World.

LYKSOR produces all kind of chemical admixtures such as air entraining admixtures, water-reducing admixtures, plasticizers, accelerating admixtures, retarding admixtures, hydration-control admixtures, corrosion inhibitors and miscellaneous admixtures: permeability reducers, grouting, pumping aid admixtures, antifreeze admixtures, viscosity modifying admixtures and shotcrete admixtures for concrete.

In addition, LYKSOR produces the special types of admixtures for cement production.

Besides the chemical admixtures for concrete, LYKSOR also produces some of the raw materials that used in chemical admixture production such as sulfonated amine compounds, vinyl copolymer and new-generation polycarboxylate ether which is the main raw material in polycarboxylate-based superplasticizer production. Lyksor currently has 50 tons of vinyl copolymer raw material, 100 tons of polycarboxylate ether raw material and 600 tons of different types of chemical admixtures production capacities per day.

LYKSOR has its own Research and Development (R&D) Department which is continuously working on the development of new type of superplasticizers and raw materials. The Lyksor R&D Department is headed by expert chemists and consultant academicians in chemistry and construction materials research area. The R&D department collaborates with chemistry and civil engineering departments of known universities in Turkey and supports their research activities on the development of new type of chemical admixtures and concrete properties affected by the chemical admixtures. The R&D department laboratory of Lyksor is well-equipped to characterize the technical properties of raw materials and final products, including lab-scale reactors allowing the simulation of the production process of the admixture. By this working strategy, LYKSOR is able to produce tailor-made chemical admixtures specially designed for special needs and conditions in the construction site. The department is also responsible for quality control of raw materials and final products. R&D department of Lyksor is currently conducting a comprehensive research on the first sodium and calcium gluconate production in Turkey. The research on the production of sodium and calcium gluconate is about to complete and the first products will be presented to the chemical admixture production market as raw material soon.

LYKSOR has the following quality certificates: CE, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems, ISO 18001: Occupational Health and Management Systems, ISO 10002:2014 Customer Satisfaction Management System.

LYKSOR is dedicated itself to be an innovative and trusted company in its sector. LYKSOR is committed to obey all environmental regulations and all code of ethics, including the employee rights, for ensuring cleaner environment and sustainable development.