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High Rate Water Reducing / Superplasticizing Chemical Admixture Raw Material
PM40 is a mixture of organic and inorganic compounds, especially designed for high rate water reducing admixtures.


  • M40 is used in the following conditions and applications.
  • In high rate water reducing admixture formulations requiring good workability and slump retention.
  • In admixture formulations designed for tight reinforced structural elements such as columns, shear wall and beams.
  • In admixture formulations designed for Industrial floor.
  • It allows economicaly design of polycarboxylate admixtures.

Advantages and Properties

  • Thanks to its organic and inorganic compounds, PM 40 is highly compatible with polycarboxylate based admixtures, besides high dosages allows more economical admixture cost.
  • PM 40 shortens the setting time of the concrete when it is used in higher dosages instead of other raw materials that retards the setting time.
  • In the admixture recipes the use of PM 40 in an appropriate dosage provides a greater ease of workability, makes the concrete easier to mix, transport, place in the formwork and compact concrete.
  • PM 40 preserves the consistency of concrete for longer than reference blank concrete.
  • PM 40 improves final strength.
  • PM 40 improves strength and durability by achieving the targeted consistency class with a lower water / binder ratio.
Technical Data Sheet