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Set Accelerating And Strength Enhancer Raw Material for High-Range Water Reducing / Superplasticizer Concrete-Cement Admixtures

Product Definition

Diethanol lsopropanolamine  is an alkanol amine used in formulation of concrete admixtures and cement additives that requires high early and final strengths.


DEIPA is used in the following conditions and applications.

• For increasing the final and early strength of concrete.

• Precast concrete industry.

• For concrete admixture formulations where early strength is desired,

• Concreting work requiring high early and ultimate strenght.

Application Details

It is generaly compatible to use DEIPA in concrete admixture recipes with Naphthalene Sulfonate, Melamine Sulfonate, Lignin Sulfonate and Polycarboxylate based raw materials.

Technical Properties

Technical Data Sheet