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Sodium Gluconate

Water Reducing / Superplasticizing / Set Retarding Chemical Admixture Raw Material

Product Definition

Lyksor Sodium Gluconate is the sodium salt of gluconic acid especially designed for high rate water reducing admixtures.


Lyksor Sodium Gluconate is used in the following conditions and applications.

• In high rate water reducing admixture formulations requiring good workability and slump retention.
• In admixture formulations designed for tight reinforced structural elements such as columns, shear wall and beams.
• In admixture formulations designed for Industrial floor.
• It allows economicaly design of polycarboxylate admixtures.

Advantages and Properties

• Owing to its organic and inorganic compounds, Lyksor Sodium Gluconate is highly compatible with polycarboxylate based admixtures, besides high dosages allows more economical admixture cost.

• Lyksor Gluconate increase the setting time of the concrete

• In the admixture recipes the use of Lyksor Gluconate in an appropriate dosage provides a greater ease of workability, makes the concrete easier to mix, transport, place in the formwork and compact concrete.

• Lyksor Gluconate preserves the consistency of concrete for longer than reference blank concrete.

• Lyksor Gluconate improves strength and durability by achieving the targeted consistency class with a lower water / binder ratio.

Application Details

  • Lyksor Sodium Gluconate is compatible to use in concrete admixture recipes with Naphthalene Sulfonate, Melamine Sulfonate, Lignin Sulfonate, Vinyl copolymer and Polycarboxylate based raw materials.

Technical Data Sheet