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Air Entraining Admixtures


Air Entraining Chemical Admixture for Concrete

NanoAer is a chemical admixture entraining uniformly distributed microscopic air bubbles.


  • NanoAer ( Air Entraining Admixtures ) is recommended for use in the applications below.
  • Concretes exposed to freeze and thaw cycles.
  • Concrete roads, airport runways and taxiways.
  • To obtain the same workability with less cement in mass concrete.
  • To reduce segregation and bleeding in fresh concrete.

Advantages and Properties

  • NanoAer ( Air Entraining Admixtures ) forms uniformly dispersed microscopic air bubbles (mean diameter of 50 μm, in 20 – 250 μm diameter range and the maximum average distance between the air bubbles is around 200 μm) due to the effect of surfactants in its microstructure. These air bubbles improve the resistance of hardened concrete to freeze-thaw cycling, particularly in the presence of de-icing salts, by providing a reservoir for ice expansion.
  • Improves the workability of fresh concrete because of the lubricating effect of air bubbles and increased paste content due to the micro bubble formation.
  • Decreases the water demand of the mixture due to the enhanced workability.
  • Increases the cohesion and segregation resistance of fresh concrete.
  • Reduces the plastic shrinkage crack risk by reducing bleeding.
  • Does not contain chloride or any other substances that may cause corrosion.