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Sodium Lignosulfonate Powder

Water Reducing Plasticizing Chemical Admixture Raw Material

Product Definition

Sodium Lignosulfonate is a water-soluble anionic surfactant, good surfing activity and disintegration capacity, is a raw material used extensively in construction chemicals.

Use Lignosulfonate Powder used in the conditions and applications below.

The largest application area for lignosulfonates is used in the construction of plasticizing concrete chemicals, which allows concrete to be produced in concrete chemicals by increasing the flowability of concrete with less water, thereby increasing the strength.

Lignosulfonate Powder is also used during the production of Cement, where it react as grinding aids in the cement mill and as a rawmix slurry deflocculant (that reduces the viscosity of the slurry)

Advantages and Properties

  • Sodium Lignosulfonate Powder can significantly reduce the hydration of concrete, reduce porosity and increase the density of concrete, thereby greatly improves the compressive strength and improve impermeability of concrete.

Technical Data Sheet