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NanoPlaster 108

Product Definition

Air Entraining / Plasticizing Chemical Admixture for Mortar and Plaster

Nanoplaster 108 is an air entraining / plasticizing chemical admixture designed for improving the cohesion of cement – sand mortar and plaster mixtures.


  • Cement mortars of masonry structures made of clay brick, concrete and stone blocks.
  • To improve the cohesiveness and workability of cement mortars and plasters.
  • Mortar and plasters exposed to freeze and thaw cycles.
  • Mortar, plaster and ready-to-use mortars prepared in construction sites.

Advantages and Properties

  • Nanoplaster 108 forms uniformly dispersed microscopic air bubbles due to the effect of surfactants available in its microstructure.
  • Improves the workability of fresh mixture because of the lubricating effect of air bubbles and increased paste content due to the micro bubble formation.
  • Decreases the water demand of the mixture due to the enhanced workability, improves strength and bonding capacity of mortar without the need of slaked lime usage.
  • Increases the cohesion and segregation resistance of fresh mortar.
  • Provides economy in cement content due to the improved workability allowing to increase sand to cement ratio of mortar.
  • Improves freeze and thaw resistance of mortar and plasters.
  • Reduces the plastic shrinkage crack risk by reducing bleeding.
  • Does not contain chloride or any other substances that may cause corrosion.