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NanoShield AR

Product Definition

Resin Based Curing Compound

NanoShield AR is a resin based curing compound for preventing water loss from concrete surface by a film formation on the concrete surface during hydration process.


  • NanoShield AR is recommended for use in the applications below.
  • Large concrete surfaces exposed to high evaporation rate.
  • Concreting operations where normal water curing is difficult or impossible.
  • Prestressed elements.
  • Industrial floors and field concretes.
  • Concrete road, highway and runway constructions.
  • High surface area concretes exposed to high speed wind.
  • Roof decks.
  • Retaining walls and culverts
  • Irrigation channels and agricultural structures.
  • Concretes for strengthening and rehabilitation purposes.

Advantages and Properties

  • NanoShield AR helps to prevent water loss due to evaporation by forming an impermeable and thin film formation on the applied surface. By this way, it recruits the strength development by providing more effective utilization of the mixing water in the hydration process.
  • Does not contain any compounds that may have detrimental influences on the engineering properties of hardened cement paste.
  • Reduces the plastic shrinkage crack formation risk.
  • Can be applied to concrete surfaces which is open to atmosphere.
  • Provides economy in curing works requiring time and workmanship.
  • Does not have influence on setting time of concrete.
  • Does not contain any substances that may cause corrosion of reinforcing steel.