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Wascrete® L

Product Definition

Water-Based Surface Retarder for Exposed Aggregate Concrete

WashCrete  is a water-based, one-component and solvent-free surface retarder for washcrete or exposed aggregate concretes.


  • WashCrete  is recommended for use in the applications and cases below.
  • Washcrete or exposed aggregate concrete applications.
  • Cast-in-place architectural or decorative concrete applications.
  • Decorative precast façade production.
  • Concreting applications where surface roughness is required.

Advantages and Properties

  • WashCrete L is applied to fresh concrete surface to chemically delay the hydration process of the cement paste in a controlled depth from the fresh concrete surface. It allows the normal hydration and hardening of the underlying concrete while allowing easy removal of the surface paste later to make visible the aggregates on the surface of the concrete.
  • Easily applied by spraying to the surface.
  • Propose more safe and economical solution compared to acid etching or abrasive blasting.
  • Does not cause fracturing, dislodging, wearing and colour loss in aggregates.
  • Minimize the aggregate pop-up during removal of the paste.
  • Solvent free product.