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Prefabric Precast Concrete Admixtures


High-Range Water-reducing / Superplasticizing Chemical Admixture for Flowable Concrete Product Definition

NanoCast is a polycarboxylate based, high-range water reducer / superplasticizer type of chemical admixture designed for the precast concrete industry which flowable and high early strength concrete production is needed.


  • Concrete production in high workability classes.
  • Self-compacting concrete production.
  • High early and ultimate strength concrete production.
  • Concretes designed for sections of closely spaced and congested reinforcing steel.
  • Concrete production in low water to cement ratio without slump loss.
  • High strength concrete production.

Advantages and Properties

  • NanoCast is polycarboxylate based, high-range water reducer / superplasticizer type of chemical admixture designed for making flowable concrete. Due to its specially designed and optimized chemical structure it provides very effective dispersion of cement particles and prevents the flocculation.
  • Provides high early and ultimate strength.
  • Provides high workability retention performance.
  • NanoCast is chemically a polymer with backbone and side chains. It is adsorbed on the surface of the cement particles and provides excellent dispersion of the cement particles by steric effect of its side chains. This mechanism makes NanoCast a very effective dispersant to obtain self compactability in very low water to cement ratios.
  • A water reduction up to 40% by satisfying the target workability can be obtained through the appropriate usage of NanoCast. This significant amount of water reduction and decreased water to cement ratio results in increased early strength gain, increased ultimate strength, enhanced durability and the other beneficial properties associated with low water
    to cement ratio such as decreased chloride-ion penetration.
  • Provides significant increase in workability without increasing the quantity of mixing water and hence procures considerable convenience in mixing, transporting, placing and compaction of fresh concrete.
  • Does not contain any compounds that may cause corrosion of reinforcing steel.