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Set Retarding Admixtures


Set Retardering Chemical Admixture for Concrete

NanoRetarder is a set retarding chemical admixture specially designed for use in situations where setting time of fresh concrete should be intentionally extended for a long time.


  • NanoRetarder is recommended for use in the applications and purposes below.
  • Any type of concreting operation requiring extended setting time of fresh concrete.
  • Continuous and large volume concreting operations.
  • Mass concrete applications.
  • Concreting operations that cold joint formation is undesirable.
  • In case of fresh concrete transportation to very long distances.
  • Concreting works requiring extended time for placing, vibrating and surface finishing operations.
  • Concreting operations requiring re-vibration.
  • Operations in hot weather conditions.

Advantages and Properties

  • NanoRetarder significantly extends the initial and final setting time of cement. It is suitable for use in all concreting operations where the fresh concrete must be remained in plastic stage for long time.
  • Provides easiness in large-volume and continuous concreting operations requiring advanced planning in production, transportation, pumping, placing, vibrating and surface finishing of fresh concrete.
  • Reduces cold-joint formation risk in layered mass concrete production.
  • Provides advantage in continuous mass concrete production by keeping the first layer concrete still capable of deforming as the upper layers successively placed in a long time.
  • Does not affect the ultimate strength of retarded concrete.
  • Does not contain chloride or any other substances that may cause corrosion.