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Zero-Slump Semi-Dry Concrete Admixtures

Product Definition

Chemical Admixture for Zero-Slump or Semi-Dry Concrete NanoBlock SD is a specially designed chemical admixture to increase compactability of zero-slump or semi-dry concrete mixtures used for cementitious curbstone and paver block production.


  • Production of cementitious curbstone and paver blocks.
  • To increase the compactability of semi-dry mixtures with zero or very low slump.

Advantages and Properties

  • NanoBlock SD is a lignosulfonate based chemical admixture designed for enhancing compactability of zero or very low-slump semi-dry concrete mixtures for curbstone and paver block production.
  • Provides better dispersion of cement particles by electrostatic dispersion mechanism and enhances the compactability of the mixture without decreasing the cohesiveness.
  • Increases the degree of compaction of low-slump mixtures.
  • NanoBlock SD decreases the vibration time in cementitious curbstone and paver block production. Reduced vibration time increases the mould life and provides economy.
  • Decreases the compaction time in semi-dry concrete mixtures compressed by machinery.
  • Enhances the surface appearance and texture properties.
  • NanoBlock SD is compatible with different types of mineral admixtures such as ground granulated blast furnace slag, fly ash and silica fume.
  • Increases the early strength.
  • Decreases the broken or defective product ratio in cementitious curbstone and paver block production.