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Product Definition

Hardening Accelerating Chemical Admixture for Concrete

NanoRapid is a chemical admixture that accelerates the setting and early strength development of concrete. It accelerates the strength gain rate and enhances the early strength level of concrete within the first 24 hours after casting. It conforms the minimum performance requirements for hardening accelerating type of chemical admixtures in TS EN 934-2.


  • NanoRapid is recommended for use in the applications and purposes below.
  • In concrete applications requiring increasing early strength gain and level.
  • Pre-stressed or non-pre-stressed precast concrete element production.
  • Concrete design for sliding form concrete applications.
  • Concrete applications in which the strength development in the first 24 hours is important.
  • To provide the necessary early-strength development in cold weather concreting.

Advantages and Properties

  • Reduces the setting time and increases the very early strength (6 – 24 hours) of concrete due to its special microstructure.
  • Do not cause any significant change in workability if it is used with an appropriate type of superplasticizer.
  • Enhances the effective use of molds and increases the productivity in precast industry.
  • Provides an opportunity to decrease steam curing soaking time and temperature or ever to remove heat treatment process in precast industry.
  • Allows the early destressing in pre-tensioned strands in precast industry.
  • Reduces the early age damage risk in cold weather conditions.
  • Increases the construction speed in concreting with sliding molds.
  • Increases construction speed in high-surface area concrete elements.
  • No significant effect on ultimate strength.
  • Does not contain chloride or any other substances that may cause corrosion.