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Roller Compacted Concrete Admixtures

Product description

Superplasticizing Chemical Admixture for Zero-Slump Concretes Nanoment RCC is a superplasticizing chemical admixture designed for increasing the compactability and bond between the compacted concrete layers in very low or zero-slump dry-cast concrete mixtures such as roller compacted concrete (RCC).


Nanoment RCC is recommended for use in the applications below.
  • To increase the compactability and bond between the compacted layers in roller compacted concrete (RCC).
  • To obtain the target consistency of low-slump mixtures with lower water to binder ratios.
  • To improve the ultimate strength and durability of dry-cast concretes.

Advantages and Properties

  • Nanoment RCC helps to obtain higher degree of compaction with less compaction energy in very low slump concretes like roller compacted concrete (RCC).
  • Improves the strength of zero-slump concrete by helping to obtain the appropriate consistency level allowing the effective compaction with lower water contents.
  • Provides easiness in placing, spreading and compaction works in RCC by improving the cohesion of lean mixtures.
  • Helps to obtain a better bond between compacted layers in RCC.
  • Appropriate to use in mineral admixture incorporated mixtures such as fly ash.
  • Does not contain any compounds that may cause corrosion of reinforcing steel.