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Pumping Aids


Pumping Aid Chemical Admixture for Concrete
LPump is a pumping aid chemical admixture designed to improve pumpability of low-cohesion concrete mixtures having segregation risk during pumping.


  • Pumping Aid – LPump is recommended for use in the applications below.
  • To increase the pumpability of low-cohesion concrete mixtures with low cement paste content.
  • Concrete mixtures produced with insufficient amount of fine aggregates for pumping.
  • To increase the segregation resistance of fresh concrete during pumping.

Advantages and Properties

  • Viscosity increasing compounds in the chemical structure of LPump enables the transmitting the pump pressure to solid particles in the mixture. By this way continuous pumping without segregation in fresh mixtures having low paste and fine aggregate content is ensured.
  • LPump increases the pump efficiency by ensuring the formation of an annular paste film on the pipe wall allowing the sliding of fresh concrete from the core.
  • LPump has no adverse effect on strength.
  • Does not contain any compounds that may cause corrosion of reinforcing steel.